FAQs for Refurbished Laptops – Ex coperate Business Laptops

Where do the products come from?

Our Laptops and Desktops are ex-corporate machines, sourced from global corporations and government departments throughout the UK. Some of our items are sourced from the manufacturer

Are the Laptops supplied with a charger and Battery?

Yes, all our Laptops are supplied with a charger and a battery that lasts over 3 hours!

Why Buy a Refurbished Laptop?

There are many reasons for buying refurbished laptops and refurbished computers, from businesses trying to cut costs and keep the quality of the equipment to a high standard, to home users who want to make their money go further. What's more you can reduce your carbon footprint and you or your business can help save the environment!

What warranty is included?

All of our refurbished laptops and refurbished desktops unless otherwise stated come with 12 months RTB (Return To Base) warranty. The return to base warranty requires the customer to return the refurbished laptop or refurbished computer to us. We cover any parts required, labour and the return postage from us to you. This warranty covers all hardware faults but does not cover software faults, accidental damage and aftermarket installations. If you have any software problems please don't hesitate to contact us and we will supply a copy of the Operating System so you can restore your machine to factory default. On refurbished laptops the Battery is covered for 14 days as this is classed as a consumable.

Can Ms Office be Installed?

Ms Office can be Installed for an extra £49.95 but we can Install Open Office free of charge which is a free open based software and is fully compatible.

What forms of payment are there?

Payment can be taken by debit card, Paypal or BACS transfer

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