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    Refurbished Grade A with 1 very small light scratch on screen (not very noticeable) Learn More
    Grade A/B-Couple of light scratches on lid Learn More
  3. Dell Latitude E7240 Intel I5-4310u
    Dell Latitude E7240 Intel I5-4310u
    Grade B-Couple of very small dent Imprints on the lid and a few light scratches on lid Learn More
  4. 6
    Grade B Refurbished-Few small might marks on lid, Free Delivery, One year warranty Learn More
  5. 12
    SILVER LID, NEXT DAY delivery. Grade B Refurbished-3 or 4 light scratches on lid, One year warranty Learn More

Items 1-9 of 16

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Refurbished Dell Laptops UK - Refurbished & As Good As New

The pandemic has pushed many of us to work and study from home. Luckily we can still do that as it has been proven to improve productivity. But on the other hand, this also means equipping every member of the family with a laptop. This can be quite hard on the budget, therefore, we have bought you our solution to this - Reconditioned Dell Laptops! Instead of spending so much on a new laptop that will reduce in performance soon enough, it is high time you bought Refurbished Dell Laptops UK. Our refurbished laptops show improved performance and are comparable to brand new laptops of the same model too!

Dell Laptop Accessories - Improve Your Experience Now

If you find using a laptop to be limiting, then getting Depp Laptop Accessories for it will be the right thing for you. We have a wide variety of accessories to help improve your experience in using laptops, be it for gaming, work or personal use. You can buy a monitor, a mouse or a keyboard and it can go a long way in upgrading your gaming, art or writing. Or you can buy a printer, cooling pad or hard disk to improve the performance of your laptop and upgrade your home office. Whatever may it be that you need, we have all the right Dell Laptop Accessories UK to suit your needs.

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