Everything You Should Know Before Buying A Refurbished Laptop

Everything You Should Know Before Buying A Refurbished Laptop

Laptops have become a necessity today. It is used by university and school students too to manage their studies, homework, and projects. But not everyone has that kind of money to invest in a new and top-of-the-line laptop. Laptops that are new and improved with high speed, improved power and performance do not come easy on the pocket. But for many that cannot afford such new laptops, buying refurbished laptops is the solution. A refurbished laptop can save a lot of money on the cost of buying a new laptop and it comes with its benefits too. A refurbished laptop comes with great features, add-ons, improved performance, new parts, and often an extended warranty. Though they are also used and are therefore secondhand, their performance has been improved so much so that it can rival a brand new laptop too. It is the perfect solution for those who cannot afford a brand new laptop but also for those who want to fix their carbon footprint and not contribute to toxic landfills.

What Does Refurbished Mean?

It is a common misconception that a refurbished laptop is simply the same as a used laptop. But this cannot be farther from the truth. A refurbished laptop is not necessarily used either. It may have been a demo model at stores or someone bought it and returned it after opening the box because they did not like the colour or it was not the model they wanted. Other than this, used laptops can be refurbished too. It is usually put through a process of inspection, upgrades, cleaning, and repairs if needed before it is resold. It also is sold with an extended warranty provided by the refurbisher. Moreover, it is also factory reset and the previous user’s data is completely wiped before it is ready to be sold. And a refurbished laptop can be bought with eyes closed as long as it is refurbished by a certified refurbisher or the original manufacturer. This is unlike the case of secondhand laptops where one has no idea how and by whom it was used previously. Moreover, the data may not be wiped completely and neither is it inspected for damages. Add to this, when buying a secondhand laptop, one is not given a chance to have it checked thoroughly. Most of the damage comes to light after it has already been used for a few days.

The Typical Refurbished Laptop Customer

While there are plenty who can buy the laptop they want without worry regarding the price, there are those who want high-tech laptops but they either cannot afford them or do not want to spend so much on a laptop. Moreover, it is a great option for those who cannot afford a new laptop. Refurbished laptops make it possible for those with a tight budget to be able to have a high-tech machine at a fraction of the price. This way they get the high performance, speed, and functions they want but at a price that is more affordable for them. Moreover, some consider buying a laptop a high-risk decision and would rather not take it too lightly. For such buyers, refurbished laptops reduce the risk that buying a new laptop would usually possess. The price is lower, and the performance and functionality of the laptop are guaranteed by the refurbished so it is seen as a safer option.

Refurbished Laptop Grades

Refurbished laptops are graded by how they have been used by the previous user. A, B and C are the three grades in which used laptops are divided. Grade A laptops have not been used much, if at all. They are often laptops that have been used as displays at electronics stores or if the original buy bought it returned it due to dissatisfaction with the colour or model barely having used it, often not even turning it on. This has the highest performance, and no signs of use or wear and tear time. A laptop that is graded B may have a few imperfections on the cosmetic level such as scratches here and there, some worn-out keys on the keyboards, or small dents and minor damage on the top. It may still perform as well as a brand new laptop but will look quite clearly used. Grade C on the other will have clear signs of having been used for a while. It will also usually be an older model sporting an older operating system and the screen may have pixel imperfections too. But the benefit of buying a refurbished laptop is that they are all checked and are only sold if they are highly functional and perform well.

A Few Hidden Benefits

They may often have a much more latest operating systems that newer models of the same laptop. They are inspected and upgraded before they are sold. They are also inspected and upgraded by certified professionals. They are also much cheaper and this essentially saves on the cost by a lot while at the same time providing a laptop with high performance.

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