should you buy a refurbished laptop

Should You Buy a Refurbished Laptop?

Laptops are what working individuals need especially, especially in the lieu of Pandemic and lockdowns where on the web working has become a norm. Even if the lockdown is lifted, laptops will still be a necessity, and the more functionality you seek in a laptop, the more you have to increase your budget for it. New laptops are desired by all but sometimes you cannot afford a new laptop, worth hundreds or thousands of dollars. You need to have an alternative solution and that is why smart ones buy refurbished laptops. They are not exactly like the new ones but they create great value for money. But you need to be rational while deciding on buying a refurbished laptop. Let’s get a view of all the hidden tips that can add to your knowledge to make a rational decision.

Battery Timings and Performance According To The Cost You’re Paying

Laptops which are fresh in the market are seldom available as refurbished ones. However, there might be a chance you get the best deal by buying refurbished laptops that have been introduced in the market for three months, only if you have the right supplier at hand. These laptops help you save a lot of costs and at the same time, they are used quite less and give you better performance.

However, this is not the case every time. Sometimes, you only find laptops that have been there in the market for 7 months to a year. Such as the MacBook was launched years before it appears in the refurbished market for sale and there is still less amount which you can save. For example, an Apple laptop may cost $1400 and on the second buy market, you can get it for $1000 to $1100. This means you are saving a few hundred dollars only. But the best part is they have a resale value and usually comes in a warranty when you buy from a dependable supplier. Similarly, when it comes to DELL, you can get a better deal at low prices. The new models with Core i5 are below $1000 and you can get huge value for money because their parts are also available in the market. You can get your hard drive changed, or the battery can also be changed for better timing.

Some Important Specs You Need To Check

While buying such laptops, there are some things you need to check before making a purchase. The year that model was launched will tell you how much it has been used. The Wi-Fi connectivity range and battery duration will tell you how much performance a laptop will give. These things must be checked because you are already buying an old laptop and two or more years from now, the laptop will be much older than it is now. It has to be capable enough for supporting new software or Windows versions. Also, the used battery will be more drained some years later and you have to keep the charger plugged in all the time if you work for more than 2 to 3 hours at length. So, it is better to go for a laptop which, although a bit old, must have been used less.

If you do not have enough to buy refurbished laptops which has not been in use quite much then go for Dell laptops because they are durable and will give you high performance because of their quality build. These made-for-business laptops are powerful and will support your heavy and continuous work and downloading.

buying refurbished laptops

The Origin or Source of Refurbished Laptops

These laptops are collected by or sold to suppliers from people who brought these laptops and then sold them after use either because they wanted a new model and wanted the old one to be sold so they can add up the money for a new one or because they were in dire need of money so they sold their laptops. Another reason why people sell their laptops is that they purchased one and later realised they don’t like the model or build or they found out that the laptop they purchased was defective. According to various research, it has been found that not all manufacturers make 100% faultless laptops. There’s always a percentage that comes out defective. The lower the brands’ status on the leader’s board, the higher the defect percentage will be.

Well-known laptop manufacturers such as Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc. also catch up with the resellers of the laptops and make sure the products are sold in the market again and again. This increases the market share and the brands gain more popularity as well as a high user rate.

Used Laptops And Refurbished Laptops Are Often NOT The Same!

When it comes to reselling, the laptops sold in the market after being bought by a user are labeled as used. There is no change made in the laptop for its better and improved performance. However, when it comes to refurbishing, it means the laptops, after being bought by a user, are checked for potential and existing defaults, and have their faulty parts replaced, cleaned, and buffed so they look way better than before. This improves the battery timing, screen display, improved RAM, speakers, etc., and makes them more functional.

Sometimes, used laptops when purchased lack some parts such as some come without batteries or hard or missing keys on the keyboard. Sometimes, the graphic cards are removed by the users. These parts are then added to the laptop by the suppliers and the defects are repaired and even new windows or IOS versions are installed for a better user experience and then placed on the shelves for reselling. The SKU is also checked again and again by a team to pin out problems and is sometimes sold again to the manufacturers at lower rates.

Smart Steps To Buy A Refurbished Laptop

We know you are looking for a VFM deal and for that, we are going to share some unsaid tips and techniques in steps with you, so you can make a rational purchase.

Step 1: Always Go For Buying Refurbished Laptops That Are Still In Warranty

You should know that it is not a thrift store from where you are buying a used laptop. So, you should always ask the reseller to give you a product with a guarantee and a money-back warranty. Some models are fresh out of the stock and have not been used and for them, the seller is ready to give you a year of warranty but some laptops are sold at a warranty of 6 to 7 months or less. Always try to get one with the longest warranty possible and never forget to get the warranty card also. You also need to check the dates for the time remaining of the warranty period on the card to make sure the seller does not trick you. Sometimes, the warranties do not include some specific items or are based on some conditions by the supplier. For example, if the battery dies, the seller will not replace the item. In such scenarios, you should ask the supplier to give you a minimum of a month of warranty for such items because you are paying and you need to get the value for which you are investing.

Also, you need to ask the suppliers about their return policies so that, if you face any trouble with the product, you can return it or get it replaced. “Refurbished Laptops” provide their customers with various warranties on every item and they do not trick their customers at all. That is why we recommend you make a purchase from them.

buying refurbished laptops

Step 2: Keenly Examine Your Purchase As Soon As You Receive It

When you buy a laptop, you are already expecting it to be free of default and when you unpack it, you want to find it in the best condition possible. There should be no scratches on it, the screen display should be showing all the colors fine and the keyboard should also have unused keys. If it doesn’t get that way, you will be disappointed.

You should always ask your supplier for photos of the product and condition specifications to make sure the product is 10/10. A reputable supplier will always tell you the faults of the exterior before you make a purchase. Make sure if any mishap occurs, the seller takes the product back or offers you an exchange at his own cost. So, it is recommended that as soon as you receive your product, unpack it and make sure you have gotten the same item you ordered if you find any flaw, contact the supplier within no time and ask for a return.

Step 3: Check If The Laptops Are Refurbished or Certified

Some suppliers do not make sure that the laptop they are putting on their website for reselling is in perfect condition. This happens when the supplier does not have one specialty selling product. Such as eBay or Alibaba. They have a lot of products on display and they deal in all of them. When you purchase a laptop online, make sure the retailer specializes in laptops only. Those suppliers or retailers who offer certified laptops do not have specific and transparent standards for selling.

According to experts at leading companies, the certification process of laptop manufacturing companies includes:

  • Software inspection
  • Hardware or exterior check
  • Gadgets working testing
  • Rooting out malware of OS
  • Installation of the new and up-to-date OS.

Some sellers just make sure the laptops are certified according to these mentioned above standards. Those laptops which are short on these specs are removed from their inventory and the refurbishing companies buy them at low rates or bulk discounts. The resellers then reset these laptops to factory conditions and then improve them and make them able to sell. The screening is done on the basis of point allocation. The laptops which fall below 20 are sent for recycling rather than for refurbishing.

“Refurbished Laptops” deals in products by giving the customers a sound guarantee and warranty to make sure they are delighted with their purchase and are likely to repurchase and to spread a positive WOM attracting other potential buyers. They repair the laptops to make them look, feel and perform like new ones and they put in accessories and parts that are totally original, unused, and fresh from the lot.

Customers can also buy parts online such as hard drives, RAMs, keyboards, etc. according to their model. The function ability and the condition of models to be sold go through a lot of inspection by the sellers if they are reputable before they hand the product out to their customers. So, next time you make a purchase, make sure the supplier does not list the product only as certified because it may still have some hidden issues which are not listed on the website. Also, make sure you subscribe to the seller’s website if there is an option. In this way, you can get updates whenever a new item is in store and if there is any discount deal the reseller is offering.

Step 4: Don’t Hold Back To Offer Refurbished Laptops As A Present

If you want your loved ones to have a laptop more functioning than their existing ones and are sure they won’t feel bad about receiving such a laptop, it is best to give them one. After all, it is the meaning which is considered in a gift rather than the item itself. No, the refurbished laptops do not look cheap as a gift because they are just like new and also cost you, though a tad less, dollars. A pre-owned laptop isn’t bad considering it has been given a new look and new body, and the value is actually increased by the work and efforts put in by the resellers. It is one of the best things you can offer as a gift.

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